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Woobie USA Active - Gray Throw Blanket

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size: 7.00 W × 6.00 H × 13.00 L
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Woobie Active is for those on the move. America's most versatile and proven blanket built for an active and prepared lifestyle. The integrated compression stuff sack and sleek neutral colors give you unparalleled versatility: travel, adventure, camping, outdoor events, vehicle safety kit, or the living room. It truly does it all. 

Be active.
Be prepared.
Be adventurous.

Never be without your woobie!

Woobie Active Traits:

Soft like satin sheets
Light weight (18 oz)
Water resistant
Durable (will last several years with heavy use)
Integrated stuff sack (12” x 7” packed)
Pet hair, sand, grass, leaves do NOT stick
No lint
Machine washable
Shell is 100% ripstop nylon
Batting is 100% polyester
Blanket size: 80” x 58”
100% Made in USA!

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LOVE these blankets
Written by EC on May 1st 2021

These compact blankets are great for plane travel or just to keep in the car for picnics or naps. They are cool to the touch and clean up so well. I love the fact that they keep you so warm without making you HOT. We have purchased 3 Woobies and see more in our future! GREAT products!

Written by Joshua on Feb 3rd 2021

Alas, my wooby has retired from service. After 18 years it needed significant sew-shop love. My wife loves grey, and woobie, so I bought her this. I am not immediately falling in love (I have bias!) This woobie seems to have a bit less loft, even kind of feels too flat, like instead of thinsulate it's just a thin sheet of 1/8 quilt batting. Maybe it will fluff up a bit. I don't think it would keep me as warm as my old woobie. The integrated pocket is cool, but kind of big and in a weird place.

Everyone Needs One
Written by Brian on May 8th 2020

A tour de force in the world of passive personal warming devices. The fabric is more luxurious than Burmese lotus flower silk, and the color achieves a level of neutrality that heretofore seemed unattainable. If I could only own a single textile, it would be this woobie. Buy one now!

Written by Dustin on Apr 17th 2020

Just received my second HALO Woobie and I am absolutely in love with the design! Great job guys!

Active Woobies
Written by Scott on Jul 24th 2019

What a great product, I bought 1 for each of my vehicles cause it never fails my wife is always cold.. She loves to snuggle up with the woobies and they always seem to be around when you need them.. Great design and Awesome Quality.. You will not be disappointed!!

Written by Amy on Jul 23rd 2019

This is a perfect classic woobie but the pocket makes it so much better! It folds up so easily (especially if you've ever rolled a sleeping bag). This thing will be living in my car so that I always have it within reach for any adventure!

Keeps the trunk monkey nice and cozy.
Written by Joshua Hamilton on Apr 15th 2019

The perfect size to complement my trunk gun and super convenient with the built in stuff sack.

Woobie is the BEST!
Written by Justin & Meagan Evans owner of LoneStarEliteK9 on Jan 21st 2019

We love Woobie Blankets by far the best. You can take these blankets anywhere they are our go to universal blanket. Camping, Boating, Hiking, Picniks you name it and these blankets do the job. They feel amazing too and love how they are easy to pack up. We recommend Woobie to everyone we know :)

Active - Gray Throw Blanket Review
Written by Brian on Dec 21st 2018

I bought this because it has a self contained stuff sack and is compact enough to allow me to take it just about anywhere. The quality is what you would hope for. My daughter and dog approve of it and I'm constantly thinking of activities this versatile blanket will be useful for. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm going to need a few more!

Looks great!
Written by T. Lieb on Nov 29th 2018

I ordered the gray and black woobie, and I couldn't be happier! It looks great, and I love that it is packable. Not only do they look great in the house, but folks should really have one in their vehicle too. I can't recommend these enough.

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