Woobie USA Tribe Throw Blanket - Poppies of War - Black - Bawidamann Art

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size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 11.00 L
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Art is a form of communicating emotional connection or affiliation that words struggle to describe.  The Poppies of War Woobie by Woobie USA x Bawidamann x OTTE Gear is nothing short of a true work of art...and its useful!

Woobie Tribe is for the connected. America’s most versatile and proven blanket showcasing your affiliation and connection to others. Have woobie pride and show off your tribe!

Be true.
Be proud.
Be connected.

Never be without your woobie!

Woobie Tribe Traits:

Soft like satin sheets
Light weight (about 2 lbs)
Durable (will last several years with heavy use)
Pet hair, sand, grass, leaves do NOT stick
No lint
Machine washable
Top/bottom shell are 100% ripstop polyester/nylon
Batting is 100% polyester
Blanket size: 82” x 58”
Assembled in USA
1-Year Warranty

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Top Notch - Poppies of War Woobie
Written by Pupp Westfall on Apr 30th 2021

First, the design is amazing. If you have ever served than you know the importance of a woobie. This woobie is of the same caliber of you general issue woobie. The largest difference though is the design. Just top notch woobie!

Great product, great company
Written by Samantha on Oct 22nd 2020

This blanket is amazing. The color is vibrant and the quality is really impressive. I am truly happy to have purchased this blanket, and to have supported an awesome American business. Bonus that the design is badass. Love this blanket!!

A Gentleman's Woobie
Written by Christopher Mision on Jul 25th 2019

This isn't your DI's woobie. Other woobies grow up wishing to be as cool as this woobie. When traveling, I curl up in the warmth and protection of my woobie. When at home, this woobie truly adds an element of elegance and strength to the room. Just last week, I came home to find it had built its own mahogany case full of leather bound books. It also establishes dominance to the house. It's first few days here, it put my other woobies to shame. The others haven't left the safety of their drawer in weeks. Consider house training your woobie.

Poppies of War Woobie Review
Written by Jake on Jul 23rd 2019

So this is my first Woobie and I can now understand why everyone raves about these things. It’s not too hot or too cold, it’s both cool and cozy at the same time. My wife even likes it so much she has threatened to steal it from me. I plan on taking it with me when I travel. And the pattern is just so awesome as well.

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